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How to Combat Zoom Burnout And Build Culture In Your Company

There are other HR options that beat the pants off Zoom. Here are a couple ways to strengthen your company culture while avoiding Zoom.

July 27, 2022

It’s not fun anymore.

What started out as a great way to keep in touch with employees during that whole global pandemic thing has now become one of the most dreaded parts of working remotely.

The Zoom Room.

It has its own etiquette (when do you mute and unmute?), its own language (click the applause emoji!), and its own style (blur your background or put up a beach behind you!).

People stopped making Zoom jokes months ago. Now it’s just hours of staring at a screen pretending to listen to presentations.

It doesn’t have to be this way. And you can be the one to change it.

Here are a couple ways to strengthen your company culture while avoiding Zoom.

Change things up.


For the sake of your employees, throw some new stuff their way! You don’t want your HR department to be using the same old company culture deck from the 90s.

In this post-pandemic, remote work world, business culture is changing, and you’re at the front lines of having to adapt.

Is there a new way you can showcase your company culture, other than through a slide presentation?

Here’s an idea: have your employees share short videos describing their experience working at your company. New employees will get a more authentic sense of what to expect if they hear it from actual employees instead of HR (no offense).

Think how fresh of an idea that is. You are highlighting real humans for HR, not stock photos of office workers on a Powerpoint.

Letting employees speak candidly about the company and sharing those videos with incoming employees also adds an extra layer of trust. You’re willing to show your company as it is, warts and all.

If you go this route, you also might glean some good information on how to improve your company culture. If multiple employees keep mentioning the same issue, then that’s an area worth exploring.

You could also have everyone do short 1-2 minute videos for status update meetings and post them in Slack channels. Think big!

Go asynchronous.


Whether your company is small or large, it’s still tough to get a meeting on the books.

Who needs them, anyways? This digital age is eliminating the need for unnecessary meetings. Between Slack and email, people can respond to things on their own time (or, asynchronously, if you want to get fancy).

Another side effect of remote working is the more asynchronous lifestyle of employees. They can step out for a quick jog, walk their dog, or work late at night if they want to.

Employees are setting their own work schedule more and more. Lean into that!

For example, if an employee is leaving the company, getting enough people to attend a Zoom meeting to say goodbye is next to impossible.

But what if people could record a quick farewell video? That’s double time asynchronicity.

The current employees can record the videos on their own time, and the outgoing employee can watch all the videos on their own time.

It gives everyone more freedom and allows them flexibility to finish up projects instead of popping into a dull Zoom room for farewells.

Celebrate wins.


Part of a thriving company is sharing everyone’s success. You need to step up your celebration game. You can’t just give a shout out in a Zoom meeting anymore. People are sick of that.

What better way to improve your celebrations than with some quick congratulation videos?

Create an internal Slack or Teams channel where it’s all about posting videos celebrating wins and recognizing good work. These virtual high fives keep up morale because they’re so genuine.

It might seem like a small thing, but a person taking a couple seconds out of their day to record a video can mean a lot to someone.


Companies still exist but not like they used to.

Remote work, busier schedules, and employees across international time zones make it more difficult for employees to feel connected.

Don’t let your company culture die because of these modern changes. Save it with modern community-generated videos!

And if you can believe it, Capsule makes it fast, easy, and affordable to create these videos and share them with your employees.

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