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Tips and tricks on using video to grow your business.
Generative AI is the most exciting creative tool invented in my lifetime.

Generative AI enables anyone to create using only their imagination. Try out Capsule's first generative AI experiment that brings videos to life with words.

How to Keep Your Team Engaged Through Uncertain Times

Cultivating a strong team is essential for a successful company. Here are some ways to maintain morale and boost engagement.

How to Get the Best Employee Testimonials Fast

Remote work is here to stay. Embrace the change with digital tools that streamline your testimonial workflow.

Capsule 3.0: Video Tools from the Future

Empower your whole team to create professional video at scale.

How to Harness the Potential of Employee-Generated Video Content

Sometimes the biggest influencers are already working for you. Learn how your employees can spread the word with employee-generated video content.

How to Crowdsource Video Marketing Content with UGC

User-generated video content is the future of marketing. Learn how to crowdsource UGC like a pro and turn your advertising into gold.

This is How You Create Incredible Video Testimonials

You have to produce more compelling content to stop people from scrolling past. Here's how you do it.

Why Your Target Market Customer is Better at Advertising Than You

Learn why if you play it right, your target market won’t just be your best customers. They’ll also be your best advertisers.

Spring 2022 Product Updates: Make Video 5x Faster

Our newest product releases make it easier than ever to record, edit, and produce video — FAST.

5 Killer Questions to Ask for Customer Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are great for brands, but what questions do you ask your customers to answer? These five will get you great results.

Meet More People at Events with Video Networking

People came to your event to network. Make it easier for them with digital video networking. A quick e-intro video can go a long way...

5 Reasons Why Authentic Marketing Content Matters in 2021

Authenticity sells, now more than ever. Learn why you have to start marketing with user-generated content.

How to Lead a Focus Group in Your Pajamas

Learn how easy it is to run a focus group from your home where no one even has to see you.

This is How You Make More Money from Your Happy Customers

You can make even more money in your business if you do this one thing with your happiest customers...

5 Myths About User-Generated Content

Bigfoot’s got nothing on these outrageous myths. Learn what people get wrong about UGC.

Attract New Hires With a "Meet the Team" Video Page

It's worth pulling back the curtain. Demonstrate transparency and get the best pool of candidates for new positions with employee-generated videos.

How to Crowdsource Video at Scale with Embedded Capture

An integrated experience makes all the difference. Learn how to capture more video content by adding Capsule to your existing online spaces.

Why Product Feedback is Better Through User-Generated Video Content

Your customers know more about your product than you. Let them share their constructive feedback with user-generated content videos.

Using Video Feedback to Up Customer Engagement

Want to actually *hear* the voice of the customer? Rethink the standard survey and try video feedback.

Make Your Brand Pop with UGC Video Campaigns on Instagram

Instagram has over a billion monthly active users. Learn how to make the most of this massive audience with a user-generated video campaign.

How to Create Hours of User-Generated Content in Seconds

It's not a magic trick. In just a couple seconds, you can create hours of content from your most passionate audience, thanks to a little help from Capsule.

5 Ways UGC Videos Make Education Even Better

Colleges and universities were made for user-generated video content. Harness your educational community and watch your institution thrive.

The All-New Capsule Camera: Crowdsource Quality Video from Anywhere

Our camera just got a huge, huge upgrade. You can now capture high-quality video content from your users—wherever they are.

How to Convert Your Community into an Online Customer Powerhouse

You have a loyal online following. Now learn how to turn your community into customers with user-generated content.

How to Combat Zoom Burnout And Build Culture In Your Company

There are other HR options that beat the pants off Zoom. Here are a couple ways to strengthen your company culture while avoiding Zoom.

Don't Have a Boring, Live Q&A. Try Video Questions Instead.

Generate hype, boost ticket sales, and engage your attendees by sourcing your event questions before your event. Oh, and did we mention it's easy to do?

Top 5 Ways to Get Customer Insights for Your Brand

Your brand dies without your customers. Learn how to gain a bunch of customer insights affordably and quickly.

Driving Employee Retention with EGC

How do you retain your employees when turnover is at an all-time high? A little recognition goes a long way...

How to Promote Your Live Event Without Breaking the Bank

You don’t need a lot of money to promote your event. By using some 21st century technology, you can look just as big as the marketing whales out there.

Capsule 2.0 is here!

This month we’re celebrating two major milestones! First, Capsule just turned one year old! Second, Capsule 2.0 is officially here!

How to Use UGC To Build A Strong Online Community

Engaged online communities start with passionate people. Make it easy for them to share their passion with user-generated content. Here's how.

5 Tips to Make the Best UGC Videos

These 5 tips will supercharge your user-generated video content and give you results like you've never seen.

Introducing Capsule for Hopin: Event Engagement Made Easy

We've partnered with the live events platform Hopin to help organizers host unforgettable hybrid and virtual events. Learn how to drive engagement with video Q&A, networking, event marketing, and more.