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How to Crowdsource Video Marketing Content with UGC

User-generated video content is the future of marketing. Learn how to crowdsource UGC like a pro and turn your advertising into gold.

July 27, 2022

Sometimes “The Average Joe” gets it right. That’s what crowdsourced marketing content is all about.  

Sure, you can spend boatloads of money working with an ad agency to craft the perfectly executed commercial. It’ll take weeks of back and forth between layers and layers of bureaucracy from both sides.

Or you could have more control, spend a fraction of that cost and time, and get a better result.

Which sounds better to you?

“Regular” people might not have experience in advertising or a film degree, but they know about your product or business, and boy, do they want to tell you about it.

And they want to tell you FOR FREE.

People loooove sharing their opinions. Have you ever read those carefully written reviews on Amazon?

Shouting into the void is all well and good. But if someone actually wants to hear your thoughts on something? That’s another level.

With user-generated content (or UGC) videos, you can tap into this human desire to be heard and get hours of content with just a couple clicks.

What kind of UGC video marketing is there?

It’s really as varied as the people creating it. But there are a couple categories that we can break down. 


Watching a person tell you how they feel on camera connects so much better than just reading someone’s review. Some bot could have written the review, never having held the product or felt genuine human emotion.

But unless bots have developed Westworld-like sentience and are wearing high quality wigs, video reviews always come from actual humans.


It’s recorded in someone’s unfurnished basement or in a messy backyard showing off the new barbecue they bought.

That authenticity only comes with UGC, and consumers go crazy for it.

70% of consumers consider UGC opinions before they buy something. And 41% will look at between four and seven reviews to gain even more insight for a purchase.


These are the softer side of reviews. A review gives you the nuts and bolts of why a product or business is good.

A testimonial tells you how it changed their life.

These are the transformative reviews, the ones where someone explains how they never thought they could fit into their college jeans again until they started using this workout equipment.

Or how their dog always barked in car rides but now, thanks to this pet carrier, she sleeps like a baby.

Humans are attracted to stories and stories that feel real (all right, maybe a couple superhero stories, too). 

Testimonials let consumers relate to other consumers and associate themselves with the product. 


Sometimes it’s as easy as recording some questions and answers. 

If you’re a brand, maybe you want to ask people what they like most about your new product.

Or maybe you want customers to ask you questions.

A great conversation flows both ways, and so can UGC. Whatever side you put the consumer in the conversation, they know they’re participating in a dialog with you, and that goes a long way.

Unboxing Videos

It’s not just for kids. The thrill of watching someone open a package can get adults excited, too.

Maybe you have a subscription box company or your product is beautifully wrapped. Show that off!

Or you could have people record their loved ones opening your product and squeal with delight with what’s inside. 

If you catch those squeals on camera, that’s UGC gold. 


Let people connect with your brand or business through a contest. The prize doesn’t have to be money. It could be as small as a shout out on your social media account.

Remember: people want to be heard. That’s what UGC is all about.

Are you a food brand and looking for your newest flavor? Your community definitely has a couple ideas they’d love to pitch you.

Can you start a “dance off” contest between all the construction workers who use your power tools?

Contests are fun and sharable, which means they’re also viral. And for the internet, that’s a good thing.

Decide what content you want to crowdsource.


This is the first piece of the UGC puzzle. Each kind of content is better than others for certain situations.

If you want to showcase the human side of your brand, choosing testimonials might be best. But if you want to get some viral content, a contest could be better.

It’s okay if you want to do more than one kind! Just try to keep each campaign specific. The clearer the instructions for your UGC videos, the better your results will be

Choose the right crowdsourcing audience.

Once you settle on what UGC you want to get, send out a call-to-action to your community. 

Just make sure you’re reaching out to the right community. For example, asking your Enterprise-level customers to talk about the free version of your software isn’t a good match. 

But if your Enterprise customers talked about how responsive your customer service is and how it’s worth the money, then that’s a great quote to try and get on video.  

Capsule lets you easily share one link that everyone can use to record and submit videos. They don’t even have to download a program. It’s that easy.

Compile your submissions.

One of the most exciting parts about Capsule is watching all your submissions roll in. Just with a couple clicks on your end, you’re getting hours of content that you can choose from.

Capsule neatly organizes your submissions to make it easy to review them and select your favorites.

When you know which ones are ready for primetime, it’s time to jazz them up a bit.

Brand your content.

Do you have brand colors, a logo, or font? Capsule can incorporate all of them into the filters and style of your Capsule videos.

You don’t have to manually do any of this. It’s all done by robots! They might be bad at writing reviews, but they’re fantastic at video graphics.

Share your content.

Capsule knows all the video ratios and export compressions for every social media platform and can export all of them instantly.

Just a couple clicks and your slick, branded UGC videos are exported and ready to share anywhere you want.

Once the videos are out in the world, you can use that campaign to get even more UGC submissions. Then the snowball effect keeps building, and soon you’ll have your own UGC empire.


The most difficult part of crowdsource video marketing content is deciding what to crowdsource. There are so many great options!

Whatever kind you decide on, just know that viewers will respond more strongly and enthusiastically to content made by people instead of professionals.

With Capsule in your corner, you can crowdsource all the content you want quickly and affordably.

Sometimes “The Average Joe” gets it right. And with his help, you can, too.

Try Capsule free for 14 days and start crowdsourcing your content today.