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This is How You Make More Money from Your Happy Customers

You can make even more money in your business if you do this one thing with your happiest customers...

July 27, 2022

Happiness brings in the green.

Is that a tacky thing to say? You’re a business, which is supposed to make money. And in the process, you’re making people happy.

So, no. That doesn’t sound tacky at all. It actually sounds pretty awesome.

The truth is that extremely satisfied customers are your biggest champions. They buy more and spread the word more than your average, ho hum customer.

You know The 80/20 Rule? The idea is that 20% of your customers will drive 80% of your sales.

Focus on those customers at the top 20%! They love you, and you should love them right back.

With your happiest customers, you can make even more money if you just do one thing:

Get them to hype you up.


If you're not showing these happy customers on camera, then you're losing out.

Social media is all about real people, so if you posted some of your customers talking about how great your brand is, that’s going to give you a great ROI.

In fact, user-generated content marketing gets 4x the clicks at half the cost.

But what’s the best way to have them hype you up?


Reviews are the lifeblood of good companies. And if people watch a review from a satisfied customer instead of just reading one, that connects them more to your brand.

It’s one thing to read a five-star review on Amazon. It’s another thing to watch a grown man scream with delight over how much he likes your new product. That’s authenticity even a professional actor would struggle with.

Product Demonstrations

Take those testimonials a step further and have your customers demonstrate the product and how wonderful it is. Make use of this digital world we live in and show off that product on camera!

While your customers demonstrate the product, they can rave about all the bells and whistles it has. They’ve experienced your product first hand, so they have a lot of information to share with your audience.

It also gives a better visual for how big your product is. Customer videos provide scale, both in size and enthusiasm.

Life-Changing Stories

When a customer doesn’t just describe how much they enjoy your brand but also how it changed their life for the better… that’s something rare.

And it’s something people need to hear about.

Just imagine: your brand changed someone’s life! How did it change their life? What was their life before they used your brand? Get that story on camera!

It’s cathartic for the customer to share that kind of story, but it could be transformational for a prospective customer, too.

We’re all human, and hearing a personal story connected to your brand connects people to your brand. Then your brand feels more human.

It’s a beautiful, authentic thing.


Your best customers deserve the best. They got you where you are, and with their help, they’ll spread the word to even more people.

Focus on that top 20% of customers and you’re golden. Let them speak their mind and blast it out to the world. Their authenticity converts like crazy.

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