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Make Your Brand Pop with UGC Video Campaigns on Instagram

Instagram has over a billion monthly active users. Learn how to make the most of this massive audience with a user-generated video campaign.

July 27, 2022

You might think making a user-generated video content campaign on Instagram would be hard. It's not! And it helps strengthen your social media community of fans, which is essential these days.

Brands across the country and the world are tapping into this user-generated content (or UGC) strategy, and they're enjoying the results. Their campaigns ignite their brand with the most passionate fans and attract new ones along the way.

Instagram has over 1 billion active users every month. That's a lot of eyeballs. And if you make visually striking content, you're going to grab the engagement you want for your marketing dollars.

With that many active, youthful users, you have a powerful platform to highlight your brand's personality and image. And you can remind people about your brand every day (as long as it's compelling content).

The thing is, there is a significant difference between any old video you post on Instagram and the ones we're talking about. Your UGC video campaign has to stand out. Our tips below will help guide your campaign to success. It'll be easier, faster, and more affordable than your traditional video marketing. And more engaging, too.

It's not too good to be true. That's just UGC at work.

What is User-Generated Video Content?

Whereas the old-school way of producing video came directly from the brand, user-generated video content comes directly from the customers.

People trust other people, so these videos connect more with viewers.

For these kinds of campaigns, you ask your followers to record videos talking about your products or brand and use a hashtag so you can track all the submissions.

How to Design Your UGC Video Campaign

One of the questions that we receive most often is: how to launch user-generated video campaigns and what to start with. Here are six steps to create your first campaign:

1. Set the goals of your UGC campaign

What do you want to accomplish with this video campaign? Do you want to get high engagement/likes/follows? A lot of video submissions? More views and a bigger reach? Each goal has a slightly different approach.

Tied in with your goal is your call to action. This is what you're going to ask your fans to do in the video. Make sure your CTA is:

  • Specific (no vague CTAs, please!)
  • Bringing about emotion (joy or inspiration is always good)
  • Addressing a topic your fans are passionate about
  • Allowing them to engage in a fun way

2. Choose a catchy campaign hashtag

Now that you know what you want to get out of the campaign, it's time to think of a phrase to sum it all up in a fast and fun way: a hashtag. If your content takes off, this hashtag will be the glue keeping all the shares together, so take some time to decide on a good one. Some quick tips:

  • Make sure the hashtag hasn't been used by anyone else
  • Make it easy to remember and on-brand
  • Maybe a fun pun of your brand name or your brand's mission

3. Set up a way to collect your submissions

You could check in on the hashtag throughout the day to cull submissions, or an easier way is to use Capsule.

Capsule makes it easy to create one central location for everyone to submit their videos. You can even use filters and fonts that are perfectly on-brand for you.

4. Blast your fans with a call to action

Now that you know how to collect the videos, it's time to let the world know about the campaign!

Building the campaign slowly lets you work out kinks along the way and doesn't make you overwhelmed. So start with the lowest hanging fruit.

First, try reaching out to your most engaged followers and ask them to submit videos. These are your "seed" submissions that will help build momentum. It's quality over quantity at this point.

If you use Capsule, other people will be able to view the older submissions on the page. Your initial videos help to define the tone of your campaign for your future videos.

Once you have a few videos up, then you can ramp up the promotion of your campaign to get more submissions.

5. Show off your campaign on Instagram

Now that you've got all these videos, it's time to show them off on Instagram!

You can post the content:

  • On your feed
  • As a story
  • As a featured story (make it a permanent addition to your account’s homepage!)
  • With a link to your Capsule so people can view all the videos at once

Pick the strongest videos and post them with the hashtag. This gets the network effect going. If someone sees the video and likes your brand, they might upload their own video for your campaign. Then before you know it, you have even more videos without any more work on your end.

6. Measure your results

Instagram has its own analytics tools where you can review the success of your campaign, and if you upgrade to a free business account, they're even more powerful.

User-generated content video marketing gets 4x click-through rates at half the cost of traditional videos, so you should be in a pretty good place, ROI-wise.

Ways to use your UGC video content more than once

Now that you have all this excellent content, it's time to use it as much as you can. Here are a couple of ideas.

Create a content contest

Make it so people get entered in a contest if they tag friends or share the video content. The more people they tag, the more entries they get. This will spread the reach of your campaign with very little time or money spent on your part.

You could even have people vote on their favorite video to reward your most passionate fans for their support.

Use the video content in your marketing

Yes, this is all technically marketing, but we're talking about paid ads here. You have authentic testimonials on tape from your most passionate fans. That's ideal to use in an ad campaign.

And think of all the effort you avoided by having your customers do the heavy lifting!


It's not that hard to create impressive and engaging UGC video campaigns on Instagram when you know how to do it. All it takes is a strong idea, a good hashtag, and a way to collect all of your great submissions.

Capsule is here, ready to help you supercharge your video campaigns. Try us free for 14 days and see how easy it is to create content that connects.