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Attract New Hires With a "Meet the Team" Video Page

It's worth pulling back the curtain. Demonstrate transparency and get the best pool of candidates for new positions with employee-generated videos.

July 27, 2022

21st-century job-seekers are more tech-savvy, well-informed, and visually driven than ever before.

With more remote and freelance job offers that offer a chance to work with more than one brand at once, it's becoming more challenging to convince people to join teams for the long term. There are just so many employment options out there for people.

Companies are now saddled with the responsibility of telling their story in the most convincing and authentic way that gives the impression of "this is the next best place to work." The stakes are higher, and HR is more demanding now, even for the best of managers. Payment and perks are no longer the sole motivators for job seekers. And with the Great Resignation upon us, companies have to work even harder to keep employees, let alone hire new ones.

But there's a way for you to recruit top talent that's easy, affordable, and compelling: create a "Meet the Team" video page!

So many people use video every day. Between video conferencing, webinars, online learning, Zoom, Teams, Slack, and Hangouts, some days it feels like all they use are video tools. So your employees are primed to record videos that help explain your company culture.

Video is the new normal in the workplace, and your HR department needs to adapt to it. By incorporating video into your recruiting process, you're demonstrating you're an agile company aware of the changing landscape.

Here's the best part: incorporating video is not that difficult, and it can help you attract and retain the right talent for your company. But before we dive into how you can do it, let's answer why you should do it.

Why You Should Create a “Meet the Team” Video Page

Zety has compiled some astonishing statistics when it comes to prospective employee behavior. But they all come down to the desire for transparency and access to company information:

  • 64% of candidates research a company after seeing a job posting, and 37% won't even bother applying if they can't find information.
  • Companies are 3x more likely to hire quality talent when they invest in employer branding.
  • 76% of job seekers want to learn what makes a company an attractive place to work. And 90% want to work at a place that embraces transparency.

So if top talent wants access to more information about how their life as an employee would be, help them with finding that information!

The Right Fit: Finding the Right Person for the Job

Many HR experts worldwide agree that it can be quite a daunting task to find the right fit for a job opening.

According to Glassdoor, each job opening can attract 250 resumes. But most of those applying won't be qualified candidates. So in this sea of applications and rounds of interviews, it simply just makes the work easier and saves time to have the right people apply from the onset.

The question then becomes: What cost-effective and time-saving way can you use to pull a substantial number of qualified candidates for the job interview process?

Show and Tell: Why Video Meet the Team Bio is Important for Recruitment

As an outsider coming into a company or trying to find out more about a company, candidates would rather devour bite-sized videos than a static blog post (no offense to blog posts, of course, since you're reading one right now).

Videos humanize your brand by showing it's made up of actual humans. These people have faces and opinions and lives, and if you let them share those, future employees will get a glimpse of the kinds of people who work for your company.

And if you let your employees showcase your workplace culture, future employees will learn about that, too. It's a great way to build trust and showcase your transparency. You're like a sleeveless magician: you have nothing to hide if you let employees speak candidly about the company.

Prepare Before You Ask for Videos from Employees

When you produce your Meet the Team introduction videos, make sure to have a clear goal before reaching out to your hard-working employees. The easier you make the process for people, the more videos you'll receive.

Do you want to have a specific tone for the videos? Where do you want people to record them? In their offices? In the common area? At home? Make choices that best support your brand and company values.

That's another thing: there must be a visible and unifying brand concept that amplifies your brand values and achievements. Luckily, Capsule can help with all your post-production video branding needs, so you're all set there.

Depending on the company’s department, you could encourage employees to give a behind-the-scenes look into the development or manufacturing of your product. Or have them take the viewer through a typical day in the life of that position—the more authentic and sincere, the better.

Transparency always wins. Strive to show your company values as they really are.

Sample Questions to Include in your Meet the Team Video

You'll get an even more substantial ROI on these videos if you can make the recording as efficient as possible for employees. Including question prompts for employees helps guide their video answers. They still allow employees to be transparent, but they also let you ensure employees will highlight areas of your company you want.

Here are a couple of questions to try out:

  • What's your name, and what do you do at [Company Name]?
  • How long have you been working at [Company Name]?
  • What has been your experience so far?
  • What makes this company different for you?
  • Describe your team in 3 words.
  • How has our brand impacted your career growth?
  • Where do you see yourself in the company in the coming year?

If employees have questions ready to answer, they can knock out these videos and get back to the jobs they love, which they hopefully just raved about in their videos. 

Final Thoughts

It comes down to this: tell your employee's stories on video. That will get future employees excited about working at your company. It reinforces your brand, your culture, and your transparency as a workplace.

When you're ready to start improving your hiring process with videos, Capsule is standing by to help. Try it free for 14 days and start seeing a better pool of job candidates come your way.