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How to Convert Your Community into an Online Customer Powerhouse

You have a loyal online following. Now learn how to turn your community into customers with user-generated content.

July 27, 2022

You’ve spent years gathering your loyal community. They like all your posts on social media. They even reply to your email newsletter blasts.

What do you do with this engaged community? Monetize it, baby!

Of course, you should monetize it in a respectful way. But still, your loyal community is excited about your brand, and that is extremely valuable.

The best way to keep that excitement going is with online opportunities for engagement. The more engaged they are, the more willing they are to buy your products.

Here are some quick tips for how to turn your online community into customers.

Showcase Your Community On Camera


A brand is built by the people who use it. Showcase the people using the brand and make yourself more relatable.

When customers see other customers on camera, they trust your brand more. You’re demonstrating that you don’t shy away from reality. It’s not just flashy commercials for your brand -- you’re showing your authentic side, too.

You can use this higher level of trust to fuel brand loyalty. It means you listen, which is hard to do with all the noise out there.

Even better, the satisfied customers in your videos are the biggest advocates for your brand. They instill confidence in your product with those who are on the fence about giving your brand a shot.

Remember: an online community is just as dynamic as one in the real world. Because an online community is made of real people.

Focus on Individual Products


Showcase your community showcasing your products. It’s like a turducken of showcasing.

If you have a new product you want to market, send out a call-to-action to your followers to talk about the new product. For example, maybe how excited they are about it or what the updates are from the older version.

Hearing real people talk about your product blends so much better into social media feeds. It’s an organic feeling ad, and those have a much higher ROI than your traditional ads.

In fact, a community-generated video ad gets 4x the click-through-rate at half the cost.

Turn those viewers into customers and save money, too!

Embed Your Videos on Your Site

You want to make it easy for potential customers to see all the great community-generated videos you’ve gathered.

Using the videos as ads on social media is one way to use them, but the easiest way is to embed them on your site.

These videos should be front and center. They’re your most authentic sales tactic, and when they’re on your site, they cost next to nothing.

Just think: when the videos are on your site, you don’t have to pay for ads, which saves you more money. And all the traffic you get on your site are already warm leads.

Sometimes warm leads just need a final push to convince them to buy. Why not let your community do the convincing?

This especially works wonders for lifestyle brands where the brand is the people. Showing real customers next to your products on your site blends everything together seamlessly.

And you know what?

It just so happens that Capsule lets you embed your videos by adding just a little bit of code.


However you end up collecting community-generated content, it’s essential that you do. 

This 21st Century era of marketing relies on authenticity. The fastest way to get that is reaching out to your community and having them do the hype for you.

There are some logistical headaches to getting this content for sure. Luckily, Capsule has solved all of them. That gives you more time to spend on your brand’s growth.

Try Capsule free for 14 days and start harnessing the power of your community today.