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Why Your Target Market Customer is Better at Advertising Than You

Learn why if you play it right, your target market won’t just be your best customers. They’ll also be your best advertisers.

July 27, 2022

They’re called your target market for a reason. 

These special customers are the bull’s eye to your marketing dartboard. Once you connect with them, you win big.

But if you play it right, these people won’t just be your best customers. They’ll also be your best advertisers.

Here’s why.

They’re your authentic sales team 

Your target market customers aren’t just the people that will convert the best and buy the most. They will also tell you why they like your brand so much.

User-generated content (UGC) videos can really showcase their enthusiasm for your brand, which you can use as marketing to gain even more target market customers. 

These people don’t have anything to gain by recording themselves talking about your brand. They just want to share their passion with the world!

Might as well let them do the marketing heavy lifting for you. And the numbers speak for themselves


Less work and better ROI sounds like a pretty great combo.

Brand advocacy

They know your brand inside and out because they use your brand. They interact with your brand, not in a climate-controlled test lab but out in the real world. If you’re a lifestyle brand, they literally live your brand.

These living, breathing brand advocates are ready to spread the word. Just give them that chance. 

A brand is nothing without the consumers who use it. So let the people who define your brand… well, define your brand.

Customer journey

The sales funnel of a customer is not that exciting. What potential customer wants to hear about the processes of consumer conversion?

I fell asleep just writing that sentence.

Hearing the human side of a customer’s journey, though, can be very compelling. Especially if it comes from an actual customer.

Marketing always comes back to stories told well. The best story wins, so tell a good one.

Your customers can share testimonials about how bad their life was before your product and how it’s transformed them for the better. They can speak to the ups and downs, the real heartache and the overwhelming joys.

That authenticity sells.

Customer insights

Your customers have some insights about your brand, and they’re not afraid of sharing them.

Maybe they prefer one SKU over another because it’s more compact. Or they like how your product grips better than other options on the market.

You can write ads all day explaining the benefits, but it’s never going to resonate as much as if a customer says it on camera.

Customers inspire other customers

Word of mouth is contagious. 

Satisfied customers bring in more customers. In fact, word of mouth drives $6 trillion of annual consumer spending with 13% of all sales.

It’s a snowball, flywheel, or exponential effect (take your pick). Tinder relied solely on word of mouth when they launched. Just from that, they reached 50 million users in under two years.

And Capsule makes this incredible growth incredibly scalable.

No matter how many people submit videos to your Capsule, you can review them quickly and export them instantly.  

Get that word of mouth going.


It’s hard letting go of your brand and watching it fly free in the world. You worked so hard building it exactly the way you wanted. 

But your target market is connecting with it in amazing ways you might not have even considered.. They would love to share with you why they love your brand.

So let your customers spread the word. They’ll do great. 

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