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5 Myths About User-Generated Content

Bigfoot’s got nothing on these outrageous myths. Learn what people get wrong about UGC.

July 27, 2022

Bigfoot’s got nothing on these outrageous myths.

User-generated content, or UGC as the cool kids call it, gets a bad rap. Maybe it’s because people don’t understand what it is. Maybe it’s because people don’t know how to produce it.

Whatever the reason, you can lump UGC myths in with leprechauns and chupacabras. They’re not real.

At least, these myths aren’t real when you use Capsule.

With a little knowledge and the power of Capsule, all these wrongheaded ideas about user-generated content vanish, like a mythical Bigfoot in the woods.

Let’s dive in and see where the truth goes astray.

Myth #1: User-Generated Content is low quality


We get it. If you’re a company, you don’t want to associate yourself with subpar content. Someone recording themselves in a dimly lit closet isn’t really “on brand” for you.

Here’s the thing: yes, that low quality UGC exists, but it doesn’t have to for you. If you lay out clearly how you want people to record their content, then you won’t get those unusable video submissions that are too dim, shaky, or poorly framed.

Just a couple ways you can prep people for their recording:

  • Record with a blank background
  • Use a tripod or prop the camera so it’s not handheld
  • Frame yourself so you can see your face
  • Have good lighting from the front
  • Make sure there’s good sound (i.e. no music, helicopters, lawn mowers in the background)

This is user-generated content, so that means these aren’t professional cinematographers recording the videos. With the couple tips above, though, their videos will look professional enough, especially with Capsule’s instant graphics incorporated.

And professional enough is what you’re going for.

The power of UGC is that this content is more authentic than a traditional advertisement. So what someone might view as “low quality” is actually a more relatable piece of content for consumers.

You want to see and hear the person clearly, but you want authenticity that only an actual person can provide.

Myth #2: User-Generated Content is hard to source


This is a common myth. Sure, UGC is great, but where do you find the stuff? It must be very hard.

It’s actually not hard at all if you know where to look and how to record. Social media is a great place to start. Billions of people post UGC on there night and day.

The only thing is, there are legal issues with pulling content from people’s feeds. You might not have the authorization to do so without the person’s consent. And the last thing you want would be some user to post how you stole their content and have that post go viral.

Nope. You want to stay on the right side of the law.

Capsule creates a place where you can collect submissions of content and clearly lay out the legalese so everyone knows they’re sending content you will use for commercial purposes.

Before Capsule, it was much harder to source this content because there wasn’t an easy solution to record dozens of people remotely and instantly edit their videos.

And since you’re targeting your audience (social media followers, email list, etc.), you know you’ll get a targeted response from people excited to create content for you.

Myth #3: Content moderation is a headache


You sourced high quality content from the right people, but now you have to moderate everything. It’s gotta be so hard, right?!

It’s hard if you don’t have Capsule.

Imagine having to sift through submissions that come in on different platforms and in different formats. With Capsule, all the submissions are tucked away in the same place.

Even if you get hundreds or thousands of UGC submissions, Capsule lets you easily review them according to when they were submitted. You can even select your favorites for even faster exporting.

So save some money on aspirin and avoid the content moderation headaches.

Myth #4: User-Generated Content doesn’t drive revenue


This myth is just a whole bunch of nonsense. UGC does drive revenue. A lot of revenue!

Studies have shown that consumers are more willing to trust content from “regular” people over slick, highly produced ads from brands.

It’s like the digital version of word of mouth. If you see someone just like you recommend something on a video, you’re more likely to try it.

It goes back to authenticity. Commercials might be slick and expensive, but they miss that realness of UGC.

Need some hard numbers?

  • Companies that have UGC on their site see an 18% increase in revenue
  • 60% of customers are more willing to buy from a site with UGC
  • UGC can increase conversion by 161%

So, yeah. There’s gold in them thar videos!

Myth #5: User-Generated Content doesn’t work for all brands


It doesn’t matter if it’s a hair brush, a restaurant, a real estate broker, or a flea market -- UGC works for any kind of brand or product.

Why? Because we’re all people. And a brand is nothing without people.

Those people are your customers. And those customers want to speak out.

So let them!

Even if you’re not a lifestyle brand, you have actual humans using your products. Even if you sell robot circuit boards, there are humans that install those robot circuit boards.

Don’t you think that circuit board employee has a couple things to say about the quality of the product? He’s been seeing it up close for quite some time. Give him a megaphone to share his expertise.

A consumer who connects emotionally to a brand has a lifetime value 306% higher than a consumer who doesn’t. That connected consumer will recommend the brand 71% of the time instead of 45%, and they stay with the brand an average of 1.7 years longer.

UGC allows you to showcase the human side of your brand. Whether that’s your employees or your customers, this kind of content demonstrates that you’re transparent about how your brand affects others.


The Loch Ness Monster might not exist, but that doesn’t stop people from believing it does. Same goes for user-generated content.

So many untruths are floating around the internet that we wanted to curb the worst offenders. And the best way to eliminate them all is to use Capsule.

For those trying to produce UGC on their own, these myths might actually come true. But like a garlic necklace in Transylvania, Capsule will keep anything from creeping out from the shadows.

Try Capsule for free and see how easy and profitable UGC can be.