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Why Product Feedback is Better Through User-Generated Video Content

Your customers know more about your product than you. Let them share their constructive feedback with user-generated content videos.

July 27, 2022

This comes from a place of love: shoppers don't trust you.

It's not your company's fault. It's just that people have been getting salesy advertising shoved in their faces ever since they were plopped in front of a TV wearing diapers.

But if you can't advertise directly to your customers anymore, what's a marketing department to do?

Reach out to those same customers and ask for their opinion.

Yes, indeed, user-generated video content is the way to go these days when it comes to marketing.

A recent study by TurnTo Networks found that 90% of customers believe a user-generated video has more chances of convincing them to buy a product than traditional advertising. This is because consumers want to make an informed decision through authentic user-generated product reviews and unboxing videos.

Marketing content recorded by users converts better, but why is that? Well, partly because it's not even considered marketing. For example, if someone on Instagram talks about the new outfit they bought from their favorite store, is that marketing? To most people, that's just a friend sharing something exciting about their day.

So these UGC (that's short for user-generated content) pieces of marketing are really more like product feedback. Your customers are passionate enough to post, and that means their opinions could affect future sales. If you listen closely, they might even have thoughts that could improve your product, too.

Here are more reasons why UGC is the product feedback of the future.

User-Generated Videos Help Crowdsource Authentic Public Opinion

In recent times, for any business, UGC is the easiest way to gain exposure and engagement. The reason why they are so effective is that the customer wants to be informed about the product but through an impartial third party.

This is where an online video reviewer steps in. They represent the company with no ulterior motive.

For example, say you create a campaign that offers a year's worth of free art supplies to a user who uploads a video of creating a beautiful piece of art while using the company's product.

Here the videos created by budding artists will provide consumers both engaging content to watch and a live demo of the company's products, causing a spike in sales. Also, the participants get a platform to showcase their art. It's a win-win scenario for everyone.

TurnTo Networks' research shows that two-thirds of consumers believe that UGC creates a far more "authentic" buying experience. Product reviews, Instagram photos, and unboxing videos are transparent ways of evaluating a product and increase a shopper's confidence.

It all goes back to the whole "they don't trust you" thing (no offense).

Ways To Generate The Most Effective Product Feedback From UGC  

So now that you know the power of user-generated content for product feedback, how can you make the most of your UGC?

Be Specific

Instead of asking the customers for general reviews, be very specific about the topics you would like feedback on. This can be done by embedding your preferred questions where they will provide their video feedback. And Capsule can do that very quickly. Just saying...

Here's a UGC example for Bloomberg Beta. They tasked startup founders to say how they've liked working with Bloomberg Beta. Because of the specific question, they got specific answers. Just how it should be.

Highlight Your Diamonds in the Rough

Try to elevate generally overlooked products because usually, it's the most popular products that are responsible for a high conversion rate. However, encouraging more reviews on less preferred products can create a conversion of 250 shoppers from 10 to 50. So, it's important to prioritize review requests so that overlooked products are specifically targeted.

And you know one way that helps with this?

Offer Incentives

BH Cosmetics offers lucrative incentives to prioritize mascara reviews over eyeliner reviews, thereby increasing its sales. By providing such perks, coupons, or discounts, brands can redirect a shopper's attention towards products that are not selling very well and juice the numbers.

Final Thoughts

UGC ensures that the world gets to see your customers' brand loyalty.

When a company toots its horn by saying, "Hey, look at our cool product," it doesn't have the same impact. It doesn't come off as a flex; it comes off as trying too hard.

But when an existing consumer says, "Wow, check out this amazing product!" people listen to them with trust.

And with each unique UGC video, we get a fresh and original perspective from each user. Of course, you could hire an ad agency and have them create 100 ads for you, but would any of them have the same uniqueness and authenticity of 100 reviews from your customers?

Take the example of Unbox Therapy, created by Lewis Hilsenteger as a hobby, where he "unboxes" popular products and gives in-depth reviews. His tagline is "where products get naked" and is the epitome of user-generated feedback. What he reviews sells like hotcakes, and why wouldn't they? He has over 18 million subscribers placing their trust in him.

So when it comes to your next product feedback campaign, put your trust in your customers because they're putting their trust in each other.

When you're ready to start your UGC, try Capsule free for 14 days and get better marketing faster and more affordably.