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This is How You Create Incredible Video Testimonials

You have to produce more compelling content to stop people from scrolling past. Here's how you do it.

July 27, 2022

Not all video testimonials are the same. Some stand out from the rest. 

You don’t want to have the average ones. Those videos that people just scroll past on their feed. You have to stop the scroll with compelling content.

Keep reading to find out how your videos can be the shining stars in the testimonial universe.

It’s all about the story

That’s the secret sauce to compelling content: story.

It doesn’t matter what kind of product or experience you sell. You will see more engagement if there is a compelling story behind your video testimonials. 

Stories bury deep within our bones. Maybe it goes back to when we were all around the fire in caves, and all we had were stories to entertain us.

Whatever the reason, stories connect with people. But, more importantly for you, stories connect with customers.

If you can harness the power of a good story within your testimonial videos, then you’ll be in a great place with the people who watch them.

Don’t worry: you don’t have to go out and get a creative writing degree from some college. There are a couple of quick ways for structuring your story-driven testimonials that will get you on the right path.

How to structure your testimonial story

Beginning. Middle. End. 

That’s the core story structure. Quick example:

  • Cat gets stuck in a tree
  • Guy tries to get the cat out of the tree
  • Guy gets the cat out of the tree

Your video testimonial structure isn’t any different (except you’re probably not going to be saving cats from trees). The only tweak is that your structured story stages have other names:

  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Success

Let’s dive into each and see why it’s essential to your video testimonial story structure. 


Someone willing to record themselves talking about how great your product is had to have had a problem before they discovered you.

This is the first part of the testimonial. It’s the first thing someone sees. So it has to grab the viewer! 

Make sure your customer goes into how big of a problem they had before your product:

  • How long something took to do
  • How difficult it was to do something
  • How they didn’t even know how to fix their problem

Talking about their problem humanizes them. It shows that they actually had a problem. And maybe it’s the same problem the viewer has.

Now we go into our second part of the testimonial...


This is where the person explains how your product solved their problem:

  • How quickly your product solves their problem 
  • How easy your product is to use
  • How affordable your product is

Let them hype you up. They can rave about all the great features your product has. Since it’s coming from an authentic person instead of some marketing agency, it carries more weight. We humans like hearing from other humans.

Now it’s time to bring the testimonial home with...


For the testimonial conclusion, the person can explain how their life has changed for the better after using your product. They went from an awful problem to an easy solution, all thanks to you!

When someone watches that video, how can they not buy your product?

Questions to ask for testimonials

We’re all busy, and customers are no different. To make recording testimonials the easiest for them, you can provide them questions to answer in their video. Just think about the Problem/Solution/Success structure to help guide you.

Some example questions could be:

  • What was the biggest problem you had before [our product/brand]?
  • How did that problem make you feel?
  • How did that problem affect your day-to-day life?
  • What changed after using [our product/brand]?
  • How did [our product/brand] solve your problem?
  • What do you like most about [our product/brand]?
  • Can you share specific results of using [our product/brand]?
  • What would you say to other people about using [our product/brand]?

Remember: your customers are doing you a huge favor recording these videos. Make it as easy as possible by providing the questions you want answered.

Testimonial Tips

You’ve the right customers answering the right questions. But there are still ways to elevate your testimonial videos to make them stand out. Make sure each of your videos has the secret sauce below.


You want to inspire others to go out and use your product, so make sure your testimonial videos reflect that. On some level, these are aspirational videos. Choose the stories that inspire awe when you watch them.


We have a shorter attention span than a goldfish nowadays, so your videos need to pop from frame one. Make sure the graphics, aesthetic, and audio of your videos are engaging and:

  • Include your brand’s font, logo, and colors
  • Use catchy background music
  • Incorporate motion graphics to keep the eye entertained throughout

This will keep those goldfish brains of ours hooked throughout the entire video.

Aligned with brand

Just like your brand’s font, logo, and colors will help define these videos as coming from your brand, make sure the stories, tone, and spokespeople are aligned with your brand, as well. Optics are very important for a brand, and double check the brand optics you’re showing to the world.

Video testimonials in action

Now that you have the scoop on how to make great testimonial videos, it’s time to see one. Or actually, dozens.

The brand bareMinerals used Capsule to crowdsource and compile their video testimonials.

Notice how every video is:

  • Inspirational
  • Dynamic
  • Aligned with their brand

And it’s all easily categorized in one place. That’s the way to go. With Capsule, you can categorize your video testimonials according to product, story, customer avatar -- however you like. 

Make each testimonial page the most relevant for the type of person who might convert to a customer after seeing it. If you can do that, then the new customers will start rolling in.


Your testimonial videos have to be interesting enough for someone to watch them. Full stop. 

If you use classic story structure and make the visuals dynamic, you’ll grab those new customers you’ve wanting.

Capsule is here to give your testimonials that extra edge to stand out. 

Try us free for 14 days and see how easy it is to create compelling content.