Let your school tell your story.

Connect with students, faculty, and alumni with Capsule video.


Capsule makes creating high quality video content easy and affordable.
The average professional video costs $1,200 to produce. 😩 With Capsule Pro, it’s $2.40! 😁
What's the secret?
User-generated content.
With Capsule, you:
  • Crowdsource authentic videos from your passionate fans 🤩
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  • Export & embed the videos wherever you want in minutes ✈️
Make your one-person marketing team feel like one hundred. 🤘🥳✌️
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How it Works

Step 1

Set Your Prompt

Want to introduce new faculty and mentors? Or get student testimonials about campus life and what classes to take? Do you have a milestone celebration coming up, like orientation or graduation? Capsule connects you directly with your community and lets you dialog with them.

Step 2

Add Custom Graphics and Music

Do you have school colors, a logo, or font? Capsule can incorporate all of them into the filters and style of your custom videos. Just upload your branding once and use it forever. It’s school branding the way you want without the work.

Step 3

Share Your Capsule Link

All someone needs is a webcam, browser, and the internet. People can submit videos from anywhere in the world, all collected in one place. Just share your capsule link with your community, and they can start submitting from wherever they are.

Step 4

Distribute Everywhere

User-generated content video marketing gets 4x click-through-rates at half the cost of traditional videos. Make the most of your high engagement content and export your videos for all social media platforms in a matter of minutes. Whatever the video ratio, we’ve got you covered.

Because everyone records through a website, it's been a saving grace. It makes my editing job so much easier.

Calvin Moon
Marketing and Communications Assistant
University of Toronto

We were able to cross-promote the content across our other channels, like our Instagram page and our website. It felt very cohesive.

Katherine Ellsworth
Marketing Specialist
Kennesaw State University

It’s a really good tool and it allows us to capture a lot of different voices.

Sarah Khan
Associate Director
University of Toronto