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Customer Testimonial Videos

Capture and amplify the voices of your happy customers

A positive review from a happy customer goes a long way. With Capsule Collect, you can easily capture video testimonials from your customers. Just create a collection with custom prompts and invite your customers to chime in. You can share an invite link or even embed a camera on your website or in your apps to collect video from your customers wherever they’re already browsing. They’ll see simple instructions to record a polished video. And you’ll get tons of authentic, engaging video testimonials that you can plaster everywhere. Get started in minutes with our customer testimonial video template.

Key Features
  • Create custom prompts
  • Offer incentives
  • Capture video from any device
  • Add branding and music
  • Resize for any platform
  • Download or share anywhere
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5 Killer Questions to Ask for Customer Video Testimonials

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