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Podcast Clip Videos

Promote highlights from each episode with podcast video clips

You create great content every time you hit record. Why not slice it up into share-worthy clips to generate even more engagement? Promoting your video podcast is quick, simple, and intuitive with Capsule Studio, the browser-based video editing solution that helps you produce beautiful short-form video. Upload clips from your video podcast, cut the fluff, and add branding, captions, music, and effects to make it shine. You can resize and export the video file in a few clicks for easy social sharing, embed a video on your website, or share a direct link. Start maximizing your video content today. Get started with our podcast clips template.

Key Features
  • Upload footage from anywhere
  • Trim, edit, and polish
  • Add branding and captions
  • Resize for any platform
  • Download, embed, or share
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