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How to Harness the Potential of Employee-Generated Video Content

Sometimes the biggest influencers are already working for you. Learn how your employees can spread the word with employee-generated video content.

September 2, 2022

Engaged employees are motivated, show initiative, and are team players. So why don't businesses focus on their employees more?

All those content and social media marketing tips for businesses rarely acknowledge the literal workhorses of a business: employees. You can try to reach customers and target audiences all day, but without your employees, nothing will get done.

There's a new term in town: employee-generated video content, or EGC. This form of user-generated video content is highly targeted and is especially important for branding, marketing, and employee engagement.

EGC is your chance to share real stories from real employees, which can be incredibly powerful in today's digital world, where 80% of people actively want brands to tell human stories.

So what does employee-generated video content actually mean? Is this a trend? How does it work? Why should your company adopt it in your strategy? Read on for the answers.

What is Employee-Generated Video Content (EGC)?

Employee-generated video content is video content created and distributed by your company's internal staff, also known as your employees. The video content can allude to the mission, values, and overall benefits of the company's product or services.

You've probably heard of user-generated video content, but that tends to come more from the customer side.

But here's the thing: employees are just as, if not more, influential in the brand and online marketing space than customers. Don’t let the cubicles fool you…

While we'll go into employee-generated video content's benefits in more detail below, two key stats really justify it:

Why Use Employee-Generated Content

You get several benefits from adopting employee-generated video content in your business strategy.

Employees are the trusted insiders

Your company's employees have the best information about the organization, specific departments, and beyond. People trust their opinions and ideas more than C-Suite, advertisements, or other generic forms of marketing.

Provides new perspectives and ideas for content

Your marketing department is great, but other departments can bring different perspectives and ideas to content. It also shows that your business is open to innovation and offers a culture that enables ideation.

Improves employee engagement

Employee-generated video content gives your staff their voice. When they witness other employees being encouraged to engage, they will feel more valued, motivated, and engaged themselves when it comes to sharing content.

Cuts marketing costs

Who doesn't like saving money? Instead of spending on paid ads to see the content, you have your workforce to help. Reach more organically from people your target audiences and customers are more likely to trust = reduced ad spend.

Increases brand credibility and trust among consumers

When employees write and share about topics, their business, etc., more people see and trust the brand. Of course, you also need a great product or service, but employees who speak uniquely about their business make a great impression.

Helps attract top talent

Employees sharing about their company means they love their work. People notice this and want to work for the kind of companies where they value and trust their employees. The pool of talent increases when you show off your unique work culture.

Potential improvement in communications between departments

Communication between employees and departments is the key to a good business flow. Employee-generated video content helps make this easier because more employees are aware of what their colleagues are posting. This helps them get involved in other aspects of the business.

Increases brand visibility exponentially

Even if only 10% of your company creates EGC and you have 1,000 employees, that's another 100 more people posting and sharing on behalf of the company on their networks. This means that different social connections can see your business message and exponentially help brand visibility increase.

It has benefits for employees, too

Employees also benefit from their involvement. In addition to feeling connected to their business, they help build their own brand and gain other opportunities like guest blogging, speaking engagements, establishing thought leadership within the business and online, and new career opportunities.

EGC makes your employees better engaged and happier

Employees feel valued when allowed to contribute to the company's content creation. It makes them care more about their work, and they become more invested in the business. And hearing directly from your employees can stimulate healthy discussions for your business strategy.

Here's why you should prioritize employee engagement for your business:

Tips To Harness Employee-Generated Video Content

Now that you know it's worth pursuing EGC, how do you do it in the best way?

Allowing your employees to tell their stories is critical to creating an engaged and unified team. In addition, the employee-generated video content can act as an organic recruitment tool to attract new hires.

Like any strategy, your business can easily benefit and mitigate major problems early on by making a plan, rolling out the concept over time, and adopting the right technologies.

Employee-generated content can play a huge role in many aspects of your business, but you need to be prepared. It's a huge task, so where do you start?

Create a strategy tailored to your business

No company will approach their employee-generated video content strategy the same way, and your company shouldn't blindly copy another company's approach. You should decide on the goals you want to accomplish with EGC, your needs, and your mission to engage employees. Build the strategy from this before releasing any video content from your staff.

Start small and find the right people

When launching your employee-generated video content strategy, start with a small group of employees. Find people who may already be brand advocates, very active on social media, and have expertise in the field. They will be the most interested and will be able to set the tone for others.

Be crystal clear in your policies, values, and mission

Company leaders must be clear before reaching out to their employees. There should be a clear mission, an understanding of brand values ​​, and company policies regarding social media to make sure employees don't post something that's regrettable.

Do not force employees to participate

While it is desirable to make employees active, not every employee will want to participate. Plus, forcing EGC on employees feels like a chore. Instead, your company should convey its enthusiasm for employees to be more involved and to have a voice online. The adoption will be better when it's not mandatory.

Organize training sessions for those interested

There may also be many employees who are interested but need advice. If that's the case, have a training session where you discuss best practices and processes. It would also be good to keep this on a certain regular cadence, like monthly or quarterly. A lot of it will depend on the size of your business and the number of employees who show interest.

Final Thoughts

The concept of employee-generated content may seem like a trend, but it is becoming increasingly clear how it can positively impact your organization internally and externally.

There is no limitation to the use of employee-generated video content. You can use it to celebrate company milestones or just wish someone a happy birthday. Or, like AORN did, you could personally thank people.

It's also not a process that you want to rush. You won't instantly succeed, and that's okay. Be strategic in your approach. Exploring your choices methodically will dramatically improve adoption and results.

Many well-known brands are exploring EGC or are already very active there. Why don't you join them?

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