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Audience Q&A Videos

Collect video questions from your audience wherever they are

Whether you’re hosting a panel or running a community AMA, the quality of the questions make all the difference. And the best way to keep your content interesting is to tap the audience for topics they’d like to hear about and questions they’d like answered. With Capsule Collect, it’s easy to engage your attendees from anywhere. Set up your campaign, create a few prompts, and invite your audience to submit questions. You can share their submissions with your speakers privately to reply to live or on their own time. Or you can weave these audience videos into your marketing and engagement strategy, using authentic, attendee-generated content to drive more conversations. Videos can be branded and shared in minutes.

Key Features
  • Create custom prompts
  • Capture video from any device
  • Collect lead info
  • Moderate new content
  • Reply with video answers
  • Download or share anywhere
Blog post

Don't Have a Boring, Live Q&A. Try Video Questions Instead.

Generate hype, boost ticket sales, and engage your attendees by sourcing your event questions before your event. Oh, and did we mention it's easy to do?