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Employee Farewell Videos

Wish teammates goodbye with personal farewell messages

Goodbyes are better when they’re captured. Thank and celebrate your employees and colleagues for their tenure with a thoughtful farewell video. You can collect quick messages from teammates, managers, and leaders — no matter where they are. Just set up a campaign and invite your colleagues to participate. All these personal video messages will be stored in a gallery, so you can share it with your teammate as a send-off note or even play videos one by one at a goodbye party. Capsule Collect allows you to do it all, start to finish. Get started with our employee farewell video template here.

Key Features
  • Create custom prompts
  • Capture video from any device
  • Trim, edit, and polish
  • Add captions, music, and more
  • Share a gallery or individual videos
  • Reply with video answers
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