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Employee Onboarding Videos

Give new hires all the key info they need to get started on the right foot

Starting a new role can be overwhelming. Learning new names, experiencing the culture, creating dozens of logins, and trying to figure out how to do your job at the same time… It’s a lot. There’s no better way to help a new hire feel focused and at ease than by sharing simple tips for how to succeed. And the best format for that? Video. Creating a quick employee onboarding video for your new hire can turn overwhelm to excitement in minutes. And with Capsule Studio, it’s easy to create one. Record your video from any device, add branding and captions to make it professional, and share it via Slack, email, text… wherever. (Bonus: If you’re training someone, you can create a quick onboarding video for each day of their first week, and send these to your new hire at the start of each day.) Get started with our Employee Onboarding Video Template today!

Key Features
  • Record from any device
  • Trim, edit, and polish
  • Add branding and captions
  • Download or share anywhere

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