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Employee Welcome Videos

Give new hires a warm welcome with personal videos from the team

Day one of a new job is a big deal for everyone. And whether you’re hiring remotely or on-site, making a new team member feel comfortable and welcome is key. It sets the tone for their first week and beyond. Getting your colleagues to record quick, warm intro videos for a new hire is an awesome way to welcome them on board. You can get creative with the content, collecting pro tips from the team, interesting facts about each person, or funny icebreakers. With Capsule Collect, it’s easy to crowdsource these videos from your team. Just choose prompts for your colleagues to respond to, invite them to record, and then customize as needed. You can share the whole video collection with the new hire or send them individual videos. Get started with our Employee Welcome Video Template today!

Key Features
  • Capture video from any device
  • Moderate new content
  • Add captions, music, and more
  • Share a gallery or individual videos
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