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Meet the Team Videos

Give candidates, new hires, and customers a glimpse behind the scenes

When you’re recruiting for an open role, onboarding a new hire, or growing your customer base, giving people a taste of your culture is key — beyond the About Us page. Meet the team videos can humanize your company and make a great impression. These short and sweet videos give candidates and new hires a glimpse of the people they’d be working with every day, while customers get a sense for the people behind your products and services. Everyone can record a video, from teammates to managers to company leaders, introducing themselves and sharing a bit about what they do. With Capsule Collect, you can crowdsource these videos seamlessly, adding branding and effects to produce polished, share-worthy content. From there, you can embed the videos on your website — or download/share them anywhere.

Key Features
  • Create custom prompts
  • Capture video from any device
  • Trim, edit, and polish
  • Add branding and music
  • Resize for any platform
  • Download, embed, or share
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