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Product Review Videos

Showcase video reviews from your happiest customers

Reviews are compelling. Consumers trust the opinions of their peers way more than an any ad or email campaign. So sprinkling your website, social profiles, and marketing campaigns with real product reviews from real customers can go a long way toward increasing brand trust and sales. And taking it a step further — video product reviews can generate even greater ROI. They’re engaging, authentic, and ultra-shareable. You can embed them on your website and product pages, share them via social, add them to your email marketing campaigns, and blast them pretty much anywhere you’re promoting your products. With Capsule Collect, it’s super easy to crowdsource product reviews from your customers at scale. Just create a campaign, add prompts for customers to respond to, and then polish and share anywhere. You can even add branding, music, and captions for that extra oomph. Get started today with our product review video template.

Key Features
  • Create custom prompts
  • Offer incentives
  • Capture video from any device
  • Add captions, music, and more
  • Download, embed, or share
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