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User Feedback Videos

Inspire innovation by collecting product feedback from your end-users

Want to really understand how your users feel about your products? You'll need more than a written review or a customer satisfaction score. Video feedback can fill in the missing pieces, giving you the qualitative insights that power real innovation. With Capsule Collect, you can crowdsource video feedback from users to learn more about their experiences. Just create a collection, adding specific prompts you'd like your users to respond to. You can then invite users directly by sharing a link via email or message, or you can embed a recorder in your apps to collect feedback from there. Get started today with our User Feedback Video Template.

Key Features
  • Create custom prompts
  • Offer incentives
  • Embed a recorder in-app
  • Capture video from any device
  • Share a gallery or individual videos
Blog post

Using Video Feedback to Up Customer Engagement

Want to actually *hear* the voice of the customer? Rethink the standard survey and try video feedback.