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Using Video Feedback to Up Customer Engagement

Want to actually *hear* the voice of the customer? Rethink the standard survey and try video feedback.

July 27, 2022

The higher your customer engagement and product adoption rates, the more you grow. It’s pretty basic. When you create a sticky product that keeps your customers coming back, it equals higher annual recurring revenue and a stronger growth trajectory. You’re not just selling to customers—you’re creating brand advocates who really care about what you’re building and releasing because it’s deeply integrated into their work and lives.

So, naturally, the more tuned in you are to your customers’ thoughts and feelings, the more likely you are to create a badass product that makes them want to stay with you for weeks and months and years to come.

How Most Companies Collect Customer Feedback

We’re all familiar with the basic customer survey. They come in many forms—Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction, Voice of the Customer—but they all generally serve the same purpose: collecting customer insights so you can create better products and offer better services. These surveys typically include a series of questions that gauge how customers are feeling about your product or your customer service, offering quantitative and qualitative data that helps you learn and iterate and grow.

But traditional surveys leave a lot to be desired. First off, they often look like this. *cue ugly survey*


When a company serves you a wall of questions asking you to rate your satisfaction on a scale, they might as well auto-play elevator music on-page to accompany the experience. Once upon a time these survey formats were widely accepted, but people know the structure all too well by now, and it’s like our minds immediately shut off at the sight of something like this.

Actually, there’s a real term for this: It’s called survey fatigue. And when your customers experience it, your response rates decline, and so does the accuracy of your data. Think about it. You’ve just reached your seventh question in a row about a single customer service interaction. You’re being asked to rate the speed and quality of the support, the product knowledge of the rep, the overall experience… By question two or three, you’re probably so bored and numb to the survey experience that you’re just selecting whichever bubbles your eyes gravitate towards first.

That kind of survey experience = poor completion rates and bad data. It probably doesn’t even make your customers feel truly heard, because they’re imagining the poor soul on the other end of this analyzing a Likert Scale questionnaire and falling asleep on their keyboard.

So How Do You Do Customer Feedback… But Better?

speech bubble feedback

Now, don’t get us wrong… surveys have come a long way in recent years. Many survey providers have done away with the standard questionnaire template. Instead, they’ve opted for engaging, image-centric surveys that present questions one at a time, catering to a modern audience with an ever-shrinking attention span. But still. There’s something missing.

Getting past the challenge of low survey response rates means getting creative about how you’re asking your questions. If the idea of a survey is to hear your customer’s voice, don’t you actually… want to hear their voice? That’s where video comes in.

Video Feedback: The Next Wave in Customer Engagement

video feedback customer feedback woman holding phone

Sometimes what is tried and true is the best option. But when it comes to engaging your customers, trying a new medium can make a big difference. And we all know video is here to stay. In the age of TikTok, Twitch, and Instagram, the good ol’ moving picture takes the cake when it comes to marketing and promotion. But most companies haven’t thought about using video to capture feedback.

Here are a few scenarios where video feedback can make all the difference though.

Collecting Product Feedback

Collecting video feedback from customers can go a long way in translating their true messages to your internal product team. Let’s say you’re launching a beta release to your most valuable customers. You want clear, actionable input on what’s great and what’s not, and you don’t want to ask your customers to fill out a lengthy survey. Collecting product feedback via video on a dedicated landing page (or even in-app) is the perfect way to get them engaged with your product and avoid the burnout of a multi-question survey. Check out our Feedback Capsule for an example of how we collect video feedback.

Gauging Customer Satisfaction

If you want to up the ante on your customer satisfaction surveys, you can try tossing in a video question. Ask customers how they feel about your customer service, what their onboarding experience was like, or how they would describe your company to a friend or colleague. All of these questions are adaptations of standard customer satisfaction questions, with an important difference: They make more space for the qualitative, open-ended feedback that rating questions often don’t capture.

Creating a Customer Community

Showing your most valuable customers (MVCs) some extra love can create a sense of camaraderie and brand loyalty. Building a special Capsule for your MVCs and asking them to chime in with comments, shout-outs, testimonials, and requests can go a long way in building brand loyalty. We all know feeling a sense of community around a brand or a product can turn a so-so customer into a brand advocate. All it takes is putting them in a Capsule together and letting them get to know each other.

How to Gather Video Customer Feedback with Capsule

smiley face satisfied customer

Collecting video feedback from customers is easy with Capsule. You just set up your campaign, create categories for each question you’d like to ask, add branding and styling, and then invite customers to chime in. You can send invite links via email, directing customers to submit videos in response to your prompts. Their responses will show up on your Capsule, which you can make publicly visible or keep private.

Once you’ve hit send, you’re on your way to generating on-brand, beautiful video feedback that will truly allow you to hear the voice of your customers. In addition to building a collection of videos on your Capsule, you can also download and distribute these videos internally or externally, using them in your marketing campaigns, on your website, and more.

Ready to check out how it works? Sign up for a free trial of Capsule to get started today.