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How to Lead a Focus Group in Your Pajamas

Learn how easy it is to run a focus group from your home where no one even has to see you.

July 27, 2022

Imagine waking up after a good night’s sleep. You pour a hot cup of coffee into your favorite mug. Settle in at your desk.

Then you lead a focus group while wearing a onesie and fluffy slippers.

Sure, it’s not professional attire, but no one ever sees you. How is that possible?

With a little help from Capsule. 

Just like a traditional focus group, Capsule lets you reach out to targeted audiences and get their opinions about anything you can think of. But here’s the best part…

You go through their opinions on your own time. 

You don’t have to schedule a focus group, drive there, find parking, and sit through the session to hear everyone’s thoughts.

With Capsule, you control your time. And that’s worth a lot.

The flashy, business word for this is “asynchronous.” Everyone records their opinions on video and uploads it on their own time. Then you can sit down whenever you want to review them.

No commuting, no parking, and no need to wear pants. It’s pajama time!

With just a little prep work, you can kick back in those fluffy slippers and enjoy all the benefits of a focus group without the hassle.

Choose your focus group question.


To get this dream situation going, you first have to choose the question you want answered from your customers. 

Think about what you want to hear from people who know your brand or product. Then pose it as a question. The more specific, the better. Just a couple ideas: 

  • How would you describe our brand? 
  • What feature do you wish we would add to our product? 
  • What is your favorite way to use our product?
  • Do you find anything confusing about our packaging?
  • What would you change about our online shopping experience? 

Once you have the question, create a Capsule and share it with your target audience. That could be:

  • Your email list subscribers
  • Your social media platforms
  • On your website

Your passionate audience will read your question and then respond with their personalized videos. 

You can watch your Capsule filling up with their responses. Then you review them whenever you want! 

Why Capsule is better than a traditional focus group

Focus groups have their time and place. We even admit there are some pros to them. You get to hear from real people talking candidly about their opinions. That’s valuable stuff. 

But in this digital age we’re living in, you can get all the benefits of a focus group from the comfort of your home. Here’s why Capsule is worth a try.

It’s faster.

A focus group can only include so many people in the room. If you want more opinions than that, you need to schedule more sessions.

Capsule is entirely scalable. With just one message, hundreds or thousands of people can reply to you with recorded messages. 

Think of how many fluorescent-lit conference rooms you’d have to rent to get a hundred people’s opinions the old fashioned way.

And as a bonus, you can use all those video messages as marketing content (but that’s for another blog post)

It’s more affordable.

Capsule eliminates the need to rent space and hire staff. You don’t even need a video editor; we edit your videos instantly.

All that saved money can go into other parts of your business so you can grow bigger and better.

It’s easier.

You have more control without feeling overwhelmed with Capsule. Our intuitive user experience allows you to scroll through all the submissions, marking your favorites along the way.

And when you want to export any of the videos, we can do that in whatever video ratio size you need (Facebook, TikTok, Instagram -- you name it).


Hopefully this opened your eyes to what a 21st century focus group can be. With Capsule, you can be nimble and get affordable answers from your key audience.

Oh, and then there’s the whole wearing pajamas thing.

You could stay old school and keep up with the traditional focus group approach, get overcharged by firms, have to deal with travel, and not have professional video quotes from the sessions you could use as content marketing. Or you could try Capsule for free and eliminate all those headaches.

Try Capsule and see why it’s the best option for your focus group needs.