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How to Get the Best Employee Testimonials Fast

Remote work is here to stay. Embrace the change with digital tools that streamline your testimonial workflow.

September 27, 2022

Work will never be the same again. Right now, an employee might be working from their kitchen table or a beachside villa. Whether it’s remote or hybrid, that corporate office has some tumbleweeds blowing through it these days. 

But this “new normal” offers new opportunities that solve traditional company problems. Even in a digital working environment, companies still need to:

  • Engage with employees
  • Nourish their company culture
  • Maintain their brand reputation
  • Reduce employee churn
  • Attract new talent

The exciting thing is they can accomplish all of these with new digital tools. How can a company check off all those boxes at once?

By capturing the passionate voices of their employee advocates. And the best way to do that is with employee testimonials.

Why Employee Testimonials Are Great

Trust is difficult to achieve and easy to lose. Companies face this challenge every day. Happy employees keep the trust alive.

When employees trust their employer, that goodwill spreads to customers and to the outside world. A company can say all the nice things they want about a healthy work/life balance and supportive culture. But if employees aren’t willing to get on the record to praise those perks, that’s saying something.

Employees are on the front line of the business. They spend more time with it than paying customers. So when an employee shares their real-life experience with people, that authenticity resonates with viewers.

Customers and new talent love authenticity. Unpolished employee-generated content performs better than slick videos from ad agencies. Why?

It breaks through the monotony.

Look, we love a Super Bowl commercial like everyone else, but it doesn’t feel as real as an actual person speaking their truth directly to camera. Seeing something authentic in a world full of Photoshop is refreshing and makes the content stand out that much more.

It nurtures the company culture.

When people are working across the country or even the globe, maintaining company culture can be an uphill battle. Testimonials can help other employees feel connected to their company culture wherever they’re based. It’s the simplest way to showcase culture without overspending or getting called out by BS-detecting viewers.

It works for social media ad campaigns.

Videos recorded by employees are a great way to market brands on social media and elsewhere. The videos speak the language of social media, which is all about informal, user-generated content. Companies can even embed videos on their website to promote job postings or just add a dash of “social proof” where it’s needed.

It helps recruit new talent.

If a potential employee is considering joining a company, what better way for them to get a sense of working there than by watching an employee testimonial? It’s like gazing into their future.

It increases employee engagement.

It’s always great to impress potential new hires. But current employees are the ones who should be a top priority. Hearing their thoughts directly about what they like and what can be improved helps employees feel like their needs are being addressed. And calling out their accomplishments with employee recognitions makes it a public, two-way conversation. 

Happier workers means less churn, which means fewer onboarding overhead costs. It’s all connected when it comes to employee retention.

Employee Testimonial Examples

A testimonial is like a pizza. What kind to make is only limited by your imagination. But to get your wheels turning, here's an example of how Meridian Capital, one of the U.S.'s leading commercial finance and investment firms, used Capsule to capture employee testimonials.

Meridian collected dozens of touching videos from their employees to celebrate the company's 30th anniversary, asking their team to share their favorite memories, a little-known fact about themselves, or what they imagined for the future of Meridian.

The results were genuine, heartfelt, and compelling. Hell, after watching a couple of these, we'd want to work at Meridian too. You can see why real videos from real team members makes such a difference.

A visual representation of your employee testimonial program after using Capsule

How to Scale Your Employee Testimonials

If these employee testimonials are supposed to be so good, then you’d want to produce as many as possible, right? But the hours involved in managing the submissions, editing them, and adding a branding suite make it economically unfeasible.

Unless there’s a way to scale the process…

This is where the digital tools come in. With Capsule's video template library, you can streamline your employee testimonial creation process, generating dozens of compelling stories from your employees in three simple steps.

Step 1: Get started with our template.

First, click "try this template" on the employee testimonial template page. In a few steps, you'll have a video crowdsourcing campaign preloaded with example questions. You just need to add your branding.

Step 2: Customize your employee testimonial questions.

Use clear and concise prompts to guide your employees through the video recording process. Think of open-ended questions that help get the answers you’re looking for, like "What is your favorite part about coming to work?" or "Why did you decide to join our company?"

Step 3: Promote your campaign.

Once you finalize your customized page, it’s time to share it with your employees! You can distribute it via email, post it on employee messaging boards, share it via Slack, or even embed a video recorder into your company community pages to capture video anywhere.

If you want to expand the kinds of videos your employees can create, Capsule has a whole library of employee video templates to choose from. Finding clever ways to showcase your culture and employee experience is key to maintaining your brand’s credibility. And using Capsule is the easiest way to do that.


Employees trust other employees. For real. With Capsule, you can leverage the voices of the people who care most about the success of your company. Testimonials from your passionate team can help improve your reputation, attract new talent, win over customers, and generally improve your culture.

Written testimonials are fading away like going to the office five days a week. The future of employee testimonials is video. And there finally is a digital tool that makes the future possible.

Try Capsule free for 14 days and revolutionize the way you share your company’s story with the world.